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Hugging the foot of Africa is a mountain range that separates the mainland from the sea. It used to be the foothills to the Falkland-Cape Supergroup range that once stood higher than Everest. Over time continents separated and rock eroded, hollowing out the Karoo basin and leaving only the toughest quartzitic sandstone cutting into the sky. It is harsh and intimidating, which is probably why it has gone largely untouched. But it is also alluring. One can only imagine how incredible it must be to behold this contorted rock from its spine.  


This is the Cape Fold mountain range. 


Its positioning lends itself to erratic weather, and in turn nurtures a diversity of flora that is found nowhere else on earth. Its plants are innovators of adaptation since fire and natural disturbance are so common. Yet even with such advancements they are still endangered today due to human interference. 


Biodiversity is the reason for this website. As one spends more time in wild places, it becomes clear that our enjoyment and need for freedom of movement is not shared by all species. In order for us to keep enjoying the diversity of plants, animals and landscape that we have, we need to ensure that all species can move as freely as we do, and do not fall under threat due to human actions.

#TheCapeUnfolds became the first full traverse of the Cape Fold mountain range. 1 136km from Clanwilliam to Uitenhage during September 2018. Done with the intention of getting to know my backyard better. This website is a logbook of my ongoing findings about my home environment, and encourages a considered approach to interacting with wild spaces so that we can all conserve them.

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